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آیا بدنام ترین قاتل سوئد می تواند بی گناه باشد؟ کارآگاه پیتر وندل در تلاش است تا تمرکز خود - و تیم پرونده را کنار حفظ کند در حالی که حقیقت در یک پیام مرموز نهفته.

After a long sick leave and recovery police detective Peter Wendel is back on duty. He is commissioned to form a new team to reopen unresolved murder cases, however he soon finds himself with a rather third rank and conflicting staff. Soon they are in the center of a new case. An unknown murderer claims that Sweden's most infamous murderer is a fraud - that he never committed the murders he's jailed for. High reaching implications are to be exposed, involving even the Swedish government.
سازندگان: Leif G.W. Persson

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WEB-DL 720p
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